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blood when i wipe vagina

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would that put me at risk? i am . . sex with my partner three days after, I have experienced some burning pee, discharge (smelly browm and greenish) and also there is blood in my urine but even if I wipe my vagina . . . . . . I am wiping blood out of my vagina after peeing but its not flowing out like a period what is it? August 4th, 2008 · 4 Comments. . im 20 and yesterday the weirdest thing happened. . . . . . Have blood coming from vagina? Find out about the most common causes and treatments from leading medical experts. . . . Vaginal bleeding, as the term itself suggests, involves blood coming out of the vagina. . Its a bright red blood and theres quite alot but only when i wipe. . . . nothing in . Its a bright red blood and theres quite alot but only when i wipe. When I go to the toilet after doing a poo there is blood on the tissue - not from my vagina but from my bum. Please help?" - Find the answer to this question and millions more on . . . . . . your boundary (ie you had a bowel movement, dont wipe across your vagina . . . It doesnt look like 'period' blood though. blood after urinating from vagina my vagina is in pain when i wipe the toilet paper has darkish blood in my knickers and when i wipe myself whats it mean? blood when i wipe my vagina . . Fecal occult blood test Fecal occult blood test (fobt) . . These membranes depend on water to stay elastic. . . . . . . It could have come from the vagina, anus or urethra. . . and I had a discussion about the correct way to wipe . . . . . . Is water bad for your vagina? Why is there an increase of STI/STD? Does . . This is normal in women of childbearing age who haven't experienced menopause. . this really dark [almost black] stuff came from my vagina along with alot of blood. It could be from infection, irritation or . . . nothing in my underwear. . . Answer Pink on the tissue after urinating is probably a tiny trace of blood. . . you said it was bright red and since blood dries brown it may just have been some . When you . . . Sometimes when i have sex with my boyfriend , i get . Itching and Burning in my Vagina. Should I be worried?LIGHT PINK BLOOD WHEN I WIPE. What is vaginal bleeding? Vaginal bleeding is the presence of bright red blood from the vagina. . Hi, i also have been experiencing a burning sensation after peeing and when i wipe i see blood. I am totally confused as all last week since bleeding stopped i have been spotting - well not visable on ST or knickers! But when i wipe i put my finger (sorry if TMI) slightly . . The mucus membranes of the body include the inner side of your mouth's lips, eyelids, and inner vaginal lips. I proceed to wipe my vagina and when I looked, it was red stuff on the toilet paper. . . . Vagina"Blood when wiping my vagina. . . . . . i looks as if i am actually bleeding. . When you go to pee, should you dab, wipe from front to back thus spreading your blood from your vagina to your butt, not wipe at all or hop in the shower. WHAT COULD IT BE??? . . . . Hi, if somebody that had hiv spilled a bit of their blood onto toilet paper, and then a minute later i used the toilet paper to wipe my vagina. due but when i wipe its very lite pink on the toilet paper what does that mean?:1 visits 1 bounces 0 secs spent on page; no blood is on pad only get blood when i wipe up in vagina . . . There are two types of vaginal bleeding, the normal and abnormal. Now when i wipe . . . . . .